About Us



To revolutionize the tea-drinking experience through health & wellness. Opteamal produces optimized tea from organic loose tea leaves and ingredients. With 6 different health-altering flavors, Opteamal Teas is healthy till the last drop. Pure and organic ingredients is Opteamal’s top priority. Enjoy Tisane for Life.


Opteamal wants to help countless people live a healthier life while enjoying the timeless benefits of tea leaves. Opteamal will provide global tea distribution with yearly growth backed by health conscious optimization.


“Optimize Tea Time”
“Health in Every Sip”
“Healthy Till the Last Drop”
“Loose Leaves That Make a Difference”
“Choose Tisane. Choose Opteamal. For Life.”


Founder, Lorraine, recalls special moments spent with her Grandma during childhood. Her Grandmother used to boil different leaves to make tea whenever she complained of stomach discomfort, headache, heartburn, diarrhea ,constipation, anxiety, insomnia or even stress.

Lorraine was amazed by the healing powers of these tea leaves which later led her to decipher the connection between medications and health-conscious tea. After researching and perfecting her recipes, she is now ready to live out her childhood dream of being involved in the tea industry. With a focus on optimal living through tea, came the inception of Opteamal. Each of the 6 tea flavors are dedicated to her Grandmother and the lessons she taught young Lorraine.